The following content based on my imagination as series performances for study purpose of unit  ALC203. Applying my understandings from WEEK ONE LECTURE to WEEK FOUR LECTURE and transforming it into storytelling.


One Friday morning in year 2100, a 20-year-old media student Barry Xavier finishes school and heads to his favourite Online Gaming Tournaments Centre named Global Hall of Fame.

Barry is doing his things as usual, playing X-Enfer (French words stand for ‘escape hell’).¬†The place is full of¬†gamers today.

With the title:  Immortal Krusaider in X-Enfer, Barry is proud of his achievements: smart, fast and strategic. He is untouchable, ever?!

Someone left an Iphone30 next to him or somehow it was there for a start, the phone starts to buzz. Barry is too busy to realise.

A phone stops a bit,¬†then starts again. After a while it becomes to ring persistently the whole time. Barry lost his temper and cursed at the phone. Feeling annoyed, Barry picks up the phone, a soft desperate female voice on the other side: “Hello, my name is Mikaella. You are actually answering from my phone. Is there any chance I could get it back?”

– “Great,¬†come and get it. Thanks to you, now I’m in hell!” , Barry fumes up as he is staring at his screen watching his roleplay character slowly trapped in hell.

– “Sorry…?”¬†, said clueless voice.

-“Never mind. I am at Gaming Centre, number thirteen Starling Avenue. On your left entry, blue¬†T-shirt, Batman baseball hat. Make it quick cause I’m only here for another hour.”

-“I am not familiar with the place you are at. Someone must have taken my phone and left there. Could you please bring it to me? In returning for my gratitude, I will pay you $400 Tiffits ” , said she.

-“Make it 500 as new PSP15 just released” , said Barry.

– “Alright! Fair enough. I am located at Pure Petrol Station, two blocks behind Starling Avenue, double storey¬†grey¬†house, password to verify and access any gates or doors: one nine eight eight. I use it to identify individual visitor” , said she.

Barry got up and stormed out of the centre like a flash.

Arriving destination, excited Barry verifies his password, gate opened.

The house is beautiful with duo marble lion-look statues at front door on each side, fountain in the middle with Athena statue.

Front door is unlocked. Barry opens it. Marble floor again on hall way with huge star shaped Miami chandelier in the middle.

Post modern atmosphere with Italian floor lamps and Mansfield leather brown sofa suite, stacks of online gaming yel-ray Discs on a Bondi charcoal coffee table, a voice interrupts Barry.

“I am upstairs having shower, your money on the table outside my bedroom. Come on in” ¬†, said she.

Barry climbed upstairs, there is a white Oak table in the corner on the left. There are lots of cash on the table, ways too much to fill up¬†any pockets of Barry’s worn-out denim pants.

Certainly, police officers and micro-cyber securities summoned in, Barry is panic and does not know how to react.

– ¬†“You are under arrest for trespassing ” , said chief.

– “There must be a misunderstanding. A woman left her phone and I returned it to her” , said Barry.

– “Come with us back to the National Authority Department”, officers start to handcuff Barry.

– “No you don’t understand. There is a woman lives here. She asked me to come here.”

– “I’m sure she lives here, so as inside your head”, said chief.

– “No you have to believe me. I’m doing no wrong. It must be a joke. I’m a victim of this silly joke. Mikaellaaaaaaa”, Barry screamed in despair.

As everyone left the house, upstairs, where the smart system operator as main server located. The ceiling EHD projector flashes into thin air revealed: user successfully logged off: Immortal Krusaider.

Travelling back  to 2017, one sunny Monday afternoon, a second year Deakin University media student is chilling in side Deakin cafeteria, plugging in her random urban beats, observing surroundings with all these strangers operate their smart devices. She starts to type:

“We are heading toward to the unlimited expansions of media. We connect, create, collect,¬†sync and share, and if only this is the beginning of Exploring Digital Media: Contexts of Online Participation.”

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Thi Bao Chau Tran

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