• The following content is based¬†on my imaginary case scenario,¬†focus on¬†¬†WEEK FOUR STUDY NOTE: ME-MEDIA OR I-ROBOT (?): CONSTRUCTING IDENTITY IN THE ONLINE WORLD.¬†
  • ¬†Please be aware that my discussion and theories¬† come for study purpose only¬†for the¬†unit ALC203.

Personal Insight:

  • Applying my understandings and research¬†from the readings. I want to¬†introduce¬†a new concept of online identity in my mind: Futuristic Artificial Online Identity or I call it¬†Stigla ¬†(Stigma layer line) in the future, when digital media¬†marks a breakthrough.
  • My¬†idea of Stigla¬†explains how it operates and functions in the future to¬†raise concerns¬†over the arguments in the study note: Are we become robotic automaton?
  • With¬†all types of¬†breaking news hit our¬†social media¬†channels everyday: global fracking, cultural empoverishment, natural catastrophe, dysfunctional politics, global warming, crimes, lost of loved ones¬†and so forth……similar problems ¬†different days.
  • However, my imagination is¬†still at the very¬†early stage of crafting the social media society under management of digital technology. There are¬†tons of¬†issues that need to be adjusted to adapt with it, and by then, our life span was over and we wouldn’t be able to see it.
  • Let¬†connect with¬†my mind, to feel what I feel, to¬†see what I see…Just like¬†a basic question: egg and chicken, which one came first?! Forever….. we shall never stop wandering our mind, searching for the answer; and perhaps,¬† that’s the beauty of learning.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† (?)


In the year 2288,  after Barry Xavier was no longer survived from Cyber Safety Laws for tresspassing, the age of human mind becomes a mystery.

The first sence appears that people are running away, trying to flee the city; they are terrified, they feel desperate and trapped. In a few moments the picture goes ten years back.

In the year 2278: everybody is happy, celebrating a breakthrough in the history of humanity. They see a cutting-edge invention that is expected to mark a milestone ‚Äď Skylight, the city of dreams, an embodiment of the latest technology and design innovations.

 Skylight is a city that is under total computer control. It is an intelligent mind. The city is a vast building which stretches in countless miles.

The whole city is one building: when people walk in a park, they are actually inside the construction; When they take a car to get to the opposite side of the city, they are still inside the building.

The feeling is created by the stunning architecture of the area and a skylight that covers the entire construction. When it is raining, the drops go through the glass and people can feel the rain, the same thing is with snow; the machine is nearly almighty so it limits the precipitation which, therefore, can never be disturbing or create a threat to the population.

The only function of the precipitation is to ‚Äúentertain‚ÄĚ the people living within the walls of the city. Everybody is aware that technically and do not even leave the building; for the citizens, it seems to be a blessing lo live a happy life and feel total protection.

Whenever someone feels like going elsewhere or visit relatives that live outside the city, they are free to go. It is not a prison or a cage; it is a shelter given to people in times of global climate changes and rising danger of air pollution.

The city has no official government, it has been coded to make the policies system impeccable; crime does not exist, illnesses can be cured. The only people who have some influence are people that created Stigla. They sometimes make some minor changes in the function spectrum of the city but the main idea is only to maintain the state of the invention.

In year 2286, Morgan Edison, the genius who invented the basic idea, realizes that there is something wrong with the coding system and the robot mind that he created has mutated. People also understand that there is something inexplicably different about living in the city.

It starts with an artificially created hurricane. It is not something frightening, no serious damage done; it is the fact itself that the hurricane which is not supposed to ever take place is created by the ‚Äėprotector‚Äô of the city.

The second incident happens when one of the citizens decides to go and visit his brother who lives in a city 124 miles from Skylight (when approaching the gates of the city it is necessary to press a button which sends a signal in the city system with a request to provide a passage; after that the system keeps track of the person to make sure he/she comes back home safe and sound; if something happen to the person, the closest family are immediately informed, even if they are not the citizens of the city.)

Back to the incident, the man approaches the gate and sends a request for it to be opened. Instead of seeing the gate open up, he sees a metal lattice blocking his way. The city starts panicking, nobody can get in our out, telephones are not working and there are rumors that the city intelligence, the majestic brain Stigla can no longer be controlled.

The shot that started at the beginning is shown once again: people are in despair, they feel trapped; they want to break the city walls and leave. No matter how hard they try, it seems to be impossible to get out.

The city creators that are at some extent responsible for the system realize that if nothing is done, irrevocable changes are to take place. They start brainstorming and hope to outwit what cannot be outwitted.

After a series of unsuccessful attempts, they are one step from giving up when one of the creator,  comes up with the idea to create a virus that when implanted into the system paralyses it and disables all of its functions.

It takes several weeks for the scientist to create the virus; during the period. the population is going mad: people think they are in captivity of the evil mind and there is no chance for them to get out.

The party succeeds in creating the virus, they disable the machine and everything goes back to normal. The idea of the invention is not abandoned: it still exists and people still live there like nothing happened. The main alteration introduced is that the computer is from now one to be controlled manually and should any similar incident happen again the self-liquidation code will come into power and destroy the system.

The only location where the story unfolds is the Skylight city. It is a white building with a glass roof which is also referred to as ‚Äúskylight‚ÄĚ. The architecture is minimalistic: all of the colours used in the design are either light or in shades of white.

Among its numerous other positive features is the fact that the whole construction is eco-friendly, it has solar panels and air cleaning system installed. There are artificial parks and a meadow, shopping centres, schools and anything that is expected to be seen in a city.

The walls of the city are like the walls of a fortress: they are unbreakable.  The intelligent mind Stigla that controls the city can adjust the temperature to make it comfortable for the citizens. The city is decorated with vegetation abundance.

The most important room in the whole city is called ‚ÄúThe Core Room‚ÄĚ. It is the place where the main computer is located; the machine that was invented to make people happy but did quite the opposite. The room is totally white: white walls, white sofas and white floor. On one of the walls there is a glass panel stretching into every corner on the wall. It has a detecting system which senses if someone enters the room and automatically turns on the screen. All of the images on the screen can be changed or relocated in the room.

The clothing style goes hand in hand with the design of the city: the colour palette is limited to white, black, grey and some pastel colours.

The main concept of fashion now is to design garments that can be perfectly comfortable and suitable for the hectic way of life people are leading. Most clothes are made of flax fabrics, allergenic fabrics and cotton. Women do not usually wear high heels. Since the city is about comfort the concept of heel life is off. Wearing sportive clothes is not only comfortable but fashionable as well.

Among the latest innovations created within the area are new car design and features. The cars go fast; they are manually controlled but should there be a potential car accident on the way, the artificial brain implanted into the car itself reacts on the threat and stops the car.¬† The cars also have telephone connection inside so it is possibly to talk ‚Äėon the phone‚Äô without actually having it in one‚Äôs hands. The cars function with the help of electricity.

Everybody lives in specially designed houses that have their own artificial minds which, of course, obey the orders of the Skylight system. The minds know practically everything about their owners: food preferences, allergies and schedule. They can help to choose what to wear, what to do during the day and even plan the diet.

The case scenario above is an iconoclastic idea that demonstrates that human brain is the most powerful riddle that guides the world. There are also some elements of utopia in the scenario which aims to prove that people are able to create a better world and they are fully responsible for all of the hardships that kill the planet.

The vision that drives the case scenario is the idea that whatever is made by a human cannot be smarter than its creator. The goal is to prove the audience that there is no chance for robot or any other artificial minds to be ruling the world, neither in the nearest future nor ever at all.

Thi Bao Chau Tran

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