Warning: The following content is¬†created for study purpose only of unit ALC203.¬†Combine what I’ve learnt from Celebrity Industries – unit ALC304 and unit ALC203 to demonstrate my understandings: the basic¬†state of mind¬†in famous people through social media platforms. Story is based on my imagination.


Personal insight:

  • Also studying¬†the unit ALC304: The Celebrity Industries: Star Images, Fan Cultures and Performance in this trimester, I feel like ‘fish in water’ when¬†ALC203 mentions about Celebrity Studies in weekly topic.¬†My¬†study mode¬†of unit ALC304 is as intense as this unit.¬†What a¬†coincidence that I selected two units are relating to each other!
  • Music I selected is allowed to used by Creative Commons.¬†
  • Again, nothing I wrote¬†was¬†my real-life story¬†or borrowing other stories. I am highly aware of the authenticity in my blog.


As the sun slowly kisses goodbye daylight, canaries gather together returning hideouts, flying in straight line revealing picturesque purple sky.

In the background, a sound¬†inspired feature of Yamaha CS-08 called ‚ÄúPolyphonic Pressure‚Ä̬† is¬†starting, varying individual¬†keyboards degree,¬†long note’s pitch¬†and no pause, from¬†high to mid-low¬†volume.

Certainly, electronic drum beats aggressively interfere (similar version with Roland TD25KV V), snare-bass-hi hat-crash-middle-ride in order 1-2-1-2-3 then flying unpredictably, repeat and create until manage the same interval flows.

The sence is moving around, dropping from thick layer clouds down to a 99-floor  high rise silver spinal cocoon shape building, welcome to year 2100, five days after Barry Xavier was captured in National Authority Department for investigation.

Tilting closer from outside to inside, panning down following footsteps of police officers,  only below their waistline shot, slow to mid fast (D-SLR 52mm lens should create matrix look)  leading in an isolate blank white plastered building with glass proof.
A complete empty space with little single mattress somewhere in between.
Leaning against the wall, curling up with his knees to chest, a tiring Barry stares aimlessly at his shadow.
– “We won’t let you out until you confess. We noticed your parents. You will be here until being transferred to Cyber Youth Detention Centre” , Chief’s convos haunting in Barry’s head, Barry shuts his eyes, covers his ears with hands.
– “Bloody hell!” , irritated Barry.
– “You had a bad day?” , a childlike voice interrupts.
-“Not in the mood! How many time I have to tell you. Go away or I will kick…….”, Barry got savage and looked up.
-“…myself!” , embarrassed Barry.
 A beautiful girl is standing in front of him, holding her teddy bear. She starts to giggle.
-“How can you kick yourself? It’s funny” , said she.
– ¬†“Long story short, a bad lady asked me…….uhm..uh….never mind!” , Barry sighed.
– “A bad lady? Ughhhhh…….she is so bad……she shouldn’t be good” , said the girl.
¬†A short pause between them. Both bust into giggling, the girl said: “My name is Kara, with letter k for kute”.
– “Nice to meet you Kara, but cute starts with c I think.”
-“Really? Oh!”, sadden Kara.
– “Wait! I think I’m wrong. Kute does start with letter k. I just remember Mr.Green, my English teacher in high school¬†used to call¬†his dog Kute Kimmy. He always showed us through YouTube:¬†¬†¬† ¬†“Howdy everyone, do you like my little KK? Today KK will¬†show you how to spell pineapplepen, remember, always follow KK’s advice”,¬† I should have known this better” , said Barry.¬†Thinking himself: “Nobody knows this though.”
Kara looks at Barry and smiles, her beautiful face lightens up, dazzling like a thousand stars lit up in a dark cold lonely night.
– “Why are you here Kara? You don’t belong to this place”, said Barry.
–¬† “I live here. My father is a scientist. He is working on an experiment. He said when it’s over, our life will be much different, in a better way” , said Kara.
– “How?¬†Isn’t this life already much better than the past?” , said Barry.
– “Have you ever seen magic? Follow me” , said Kara.
………(to be continue!)

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