The following content is my personal self definition following with examples regarding for unit ALC203 WEEK FIVE LECTURE.


Intercommunication self

This is a mode of communication that is mainly two way and focuses on oneself. In some instances, this type of communication is mainly an evaluation of personal characteristics. A suitable example is a leader reflecting on their personality. Such leaders meditate on their personality and engage in a self-dialogue discussing their personalities.

Parasocial self

This term defines kinds of relationships that are mainly one-sided, with only a single party dedicating emotional energy, interests and time while the other party mainly referred to as the persona does not recognize their existence. A suitable example for this relationship is one involving an American Citizen and their president, Mr. Trump. The citizen may have a strong attachment to the president and dedicate all of their interest and energy to him while Mr. Trump does not even know of their existence.

Public Self

Public self are sets of characteristics that the public holds regarding the personal characteristics of a person. Public self-awareness is understandable through the way other people behave towards oneself. A suitable example is that of an organizational manager and workers. If workers protest against the leader many times, the leader would know that their public self is negative. At the same time, if workers respect and do not protest against the leader, the leader would know that their public self is positive.

Public-private self

Public-private self is the view of oneself as viewed by other persons. An example would be how the president of the United States thinks his subjects view him. For example, if he felt that subjects think of him as a supportive president, this would be his public-private self. Similarly, if he felt that Americans are unhappy with his leadership, this is his public-private awareness.

Transgressive inmate self

This term explains a context where people violate implicit or explicit relationship rules especially those that are also violated by oneself. An example of this term is the disrespect of parents despite the implicit rule of respecting them.

Thi Bao Chau Tran

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