Extremely dangerous warning: Hello everyone, before you enter my imaginary story, please read this carefully.

  • For purpose of study unit ALC203 only.
  • In this story, I use very powerful language including strong¬†cursings,¬†unbelievable sextings, it might make your emotions unstable or might leave a scar of imperfection in life inside your thoughts about many things in long term. If you are a type of person who only likes to read about ‘rainbow’ and ‘unicorn’ stories, or to collect facts and answers, ‘laws and orders’, please please please exit my blog. I am just a student like you, please don’t give me a hard time with this.
  • If you are reading this line means you yourself want to read it, remember, please be responsible for your decision that you choose to read it, and¬†because you are an adult. Welcome to my story.
  • ¬†Content is not based on¬†my real life story, real experiences or borrow any other stories.
  • Guys, I don’t speak Japanese, so the conversations between mother and daughter in English okay? But you have to understand they are speaking in Japanese below, remember,¬†when Mika talks to herself or thinks inside her head, it’s Japanese.¬†Thank you.
  • Finally, Dylan in here is Barry’s grandfather, not our teacher in seminar class. ¬†







Night life is covering the whole hemisphere, dying the sky in black. Blustery windy  rhythms could gobble up any souls who wander outside. Ms Lunar exquisitely stepping out  behind the dark cloud, proudly shows  the world her fullest figure tonight.

At a train station ready to depart from Shibuya to Tokyo, Yamanote line, platform two, blurry shadows reflecting a substandard looking grey haired woman, handing a faded greenish large cotton bag to her daughter, rolling a medium size plastic luggage with a few patched up on it toward her daughter.

Hugging her kid tenderly, tears rolling from her eyes:

“Your stepdad is still as sleep so that he can’t be here…Tickets and money all in here, five minutes train will come soon. I love you.”

– “Mother,….are you…….are you……..getting rid of me? Am I……am I not good enough for you?…..Am I… I¬†a bad thing……ever happened into your life?” , Mika’s voice is broken into pieces.

– “No, you¬†are¬†never be¬†a bad thing, dear. I love you more than anything. It hurts me a thousand times to see you be far away from me each day, but as a mother, I have to do what best for you, even it’s worst for me. Now……go little Mika…..go and don’t look back at me…… my heart will always be¬†with you.”

-“But….why???…..Mother,…it must be something better than this….I don’t want to go…..I don’t want to be anywhere without you……No one in this world will ever¬†love me… you do…..Mother…..please?”

-“Mika, my child, I no longer have the option to keep you closed to me. You have to explore future yourself,¬†remember, you are my future….Mika….. I never regret the moment you came¬†into this world…..little you in my arm…..You are….my baby girl….you are…..yes, a piece of me. Now go, obey your mother, a last thing to do¬†as a¬†good girl you are.”

Placed all things inside train compartment¬†and kissed on her daughter’s forehead goodbye. Shabby slender¬†soul¬†hurries chasing timeline¬†of the night for surviving, leaving¬†Mika behind heartbroken.

Tired from crying, Mika fell asleep. Her mind was going numb, couldn’t feel more pain due to too much pain, emotionally.

Looking slowly down in her bag that her mother handed to her, a document file exposed: Skylight University, offer for successful candidate: Mikaella Asaki Komoyo, attending for bachelor degree of Virtual Identity, major in Multi-stigla-Dimensionality, Dystopian City, Ausla Halah. Three years duration included future career after graduation. All sponsored by Morgan Edison, head master principal of marvolo science.

An HP black Cele N250 G5 and¬†a Samsung Gala S5, not new with¬†lots of¬†marks,¬†hidden underneath her jumpers, a piece of paper with terrible writings: “For you, study well.”

Feeling upset with million WH-questions and none answers available, Mika threw the whole bag on the floor: “I hate you. Why did you make me then treating me this way? You¬†always say¬†you love me, is this how deep of¬†your love? AAAAAAA”. She lost her plot.¬†Everyone was looking at her uncomfortably.

Feeling bad for what she just said, Mika started to cry, talking to herself: “I’m sorry mother….. I’m sorry….. I’m so sorry…… I don’t mean that.”

Kneel down and pick up her stuffs, train arrives at Tokyo station. Mika hopelessly follow the crowd, switches to Narita Express, another train to the airport. Everyone is rushing and hurrying, yes Tokyo shall never sleep, little girl rolling in the deep, tipping  the scales of her destiny.

09:00 PM at Dystopian City, a white pearl¬†Gran Turismo Convertible stops at¬†its¬†top¬†highlife suburban, door opened,¬†Versace sneakers hit the floor, Alexander Mcqueen white T-shirt, rock star pants with Bvlgari accessories silver dazzling around, a very handsome boy shines among the night, step up into a very lavish mansion. Ding-dong, machine with screen asked: “who’s there?”

-“Hi, is Ben home?”

-“Dylan, come on in darling.¬†Your mates¬†are here too, downstairs turn left. I’m baking Tiffit cupcakes, won’t be long.¬†Be home!”

-“Thanks Mrs Bauer”

Front door automatically opened, the young man hurry storming in, head downstairs searching for his friends:

-“Hey Dee brah, wat’s up man, wat brings ya here 2nite?” , said Sam, one of Dylan’s best friends.

-“Dee Doggggg, wooooooa you here, show me sum luv brother, gimme a man hug”, said Tom, one of Dylan’s best friends.

-“Fukkkk,¬†u r¬†here legend. Looking sick tonite, what’s plan?”, said Daniel, one of Dylan’s best friends.

-“Where’s Ben?”

-“Having sex with his new mixers over there, fuk around¬†two hours already and haven’t cum yet…Haa.”, said Dan. The boys are playing pool billiards. Dylan heads to another big room where Ben is.

-“Hey”, dap greeting with Ben.

-“Hey bro, what brings you here? Looking good 2nite as always”

-“Gonna play some balls real soon man, major league coming we need to practise.”

-“Yeah man, just say time and holla us. Fukkk, I can’t do¬†it fuking right.”

-“What’s that about?”

-“Trying to do mash up, start with sixteen songs in ten minutes then from there increases fast. After that another disc I’ll do bootlegs same thing, I compare which one better and I am on it more. New toy from my old man, he knows I want to be a world class DJ, free tiks for ya and your¬†bitch¬†if I am hahaha”

-“You are fucking committing suicide if you practise like this.”

-“Say wat? Cool thing huh? 10k Tiffits worth, made in Japan. Killin it!!!”

-“Kill yourself mate. Pro DJ they never think about mash up and bootlegs. Are you out of your fucking mind?”

-“Wat ya talkin about? Everyone does this mannnn. Cool tho.”

-“Cool your hairy ass. If you want to be a pro, you need to forget about mash up and bootlegs, create your own¬†jam mannnn.”

-“Mannnnnn, that shit¬†out of my league, how can ya waste time on drawing nonsense¬†on blank paper¬†knowing it¬†in da bin at the end? Stupid.”

-“You stupid. You go to real concert of real DJ with sold old tickets. Their music sounds like a piece of trash, but it’s a beautiful motherfucking piece of trash worth multi million contracts. Mash up¬†and bootlegs are off their list, it’s like fucking no condom¬†with an HIV¬†cunt¬†from a beautiful prostitute. Mannnnnn get off this shit. Money down the drain.”

Ben feels inspired, stops what he’s doing, holds¬†the disc and cracks it¬†in single pending, making eyes contact with Dylan: “Advice successfully accepted. What’s next?”

-“I don’t know. Haaaa”, Dylan laughed like a child.

-“We are going to the club watching¬†puta stripping. We are sexy and we know it. Uh uhhhhhhh” , Ben announced.

-“Boys, boys, boys….behold, we are rolling to THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL(name of strip club)”, Ben suggested

-“Yeeeeeee, sound fun mannnnn”, said Sam.

-“Ola papa comes to mama”, said Tom.

-“Ma, we won’t eat cupcakes tonight. We head out for muffins. Love ya” , said Ben.

-“Ok boys, be safe” , Mrs Bauer.

-“See you later¬†Mrs Bauer” said all the boys.

The boys got into Roll Royce Phantom of Ben’s dad, laughing and talking until arriving.

Girls with multi skin colour come out and dance, all¬†differences in shape and ¬†shoes, but there¬†was the one who caught Dylan’s eye.

Long ashy blonde, blue bright¬†eye, tall and tan, tiny waist, high cheek bone, intense smoky eye shadows, she came toward to Dylan: “hello”.

Dylan replied: “Do you want me for the night?”,

“Don’t you want to know my name?”, said the girl.

“No, I want to say hi to ‘her’ first, by kissing it, then licking it. Would it be okay? I’m¬†gentle enough.¬†I need a number, your phone and your cost. For me only, please?”


The plane arrived in Ausla Halah at 03:00 AM, Mika woke up from the sound of landing wheels. Staring around, feeling awkward. Everyone around is slowly bigger than her, taller than her, lighter than her, colder than her weather.

Little Mika follows the crowd again from plane to inside the airport. Broken poor English and shy personality hold her back from being a human beings, perhaps,¬†is it¬†God’s plan in his mysterious way? Will Jesus take the wheel for little Mika on direct way to her life?

Running into one and another person with body language for luggage location, little Mika finally found it. Carrying things outside, everything is so big and stretching out in distance. It must be a big country, or perhaps it is the country of big dreams for living in.

Catching shuttle bus and going through the hustle bustle processing, Mika got the city map, pointing at her school address to random strangers. She completely lost among directions, or perhaps, women were born couldn’t read map?

Finally found her school, Mika met school staffs. They saw her papers. Signed numerous forms, Mika could start at the afternoon¬†to get around the school for exploring. Mika asked for a place to stay. She couldn’t afford it, it was too much to compare with her modest budget. One of the staffs looked at her feeling sorry, offering: “My son went overseas teaching English in Vietnam for nine months. You could stay in his room, but he has a very spoiled cat and you must look after the cat until he came back. Follow me, I put your stuffs in my car,¬†it’s not far away from here, but you have to find a place during nine months and get a part time job.”

Mika didn’t actually understand the lady, some words clear but¬†most words puzzling her head. Only obey unconditionally as a follower.

Nice house, cosy lifestyle, Mika thinks it is really a big house. Entering the bedroom of the son, an ‘extra-curvy’ ginger tomcat meowwwww very loud at her, showing disapproval. The lady added: “His name is Osad Einy, you can call him OE. Very spoiled, Nick loves him too much.”

-“Nice to meet you OE, hope you like me, we will be good friends with so much fun”, said Mika. The lady smiles at Mika¬†for being silly. Feeling sorry for the kid by looking at her outfit, she quietly heads back to her room to find something for Mika.

The cat ignored Mika and walked up at Nick’s pillow, pointing his butt against her face, went to sleep. Mika gently brings luggage and bag to settle in. Ready for afternoon orientation.

10:00AM at Dylan’s house, turning around in his super king size bed, he reached his Vertu Signature LE, checking his messages: “last night was great xx”.

-“U left your G-string here.¬†I’ll wash it for u. Come back here¬†and I’ll put it on you so we can make it dirty again, and repeat xx”

-“I just got home. Haven’t had shower yet. Your cum still inside, and I like it.”

-“Naughty girl, I’m hard now. It’s your fault you know that? Wish you were here xx”

-“I know. Me too. I want it again now. I can’t have enough. Yours is so huge and thick.”

-“Cute, do you like it when we were under hot shower while you face the wall?”

-“Yeah, water is nice. Love it every minute xx”

-“Play balls with my mates and might see you tonight. Anytime I think of your naked body I am so hard.”

-“Yeah me too. Your abs are so massive, you must gym at lot. Nice body”

-“You like it? It’s yours now. You can use it anytime bae.”

Friend’s texts crashed in: “DEE DOGGG…….Where da fuk are ya??? We all here but you??? I feel sth fishy when you off the club with those fake tits last night, is she with ya now?”

-“Nah mannnnnn. I’m in bed just about to get up. Off shower soon and get there.”

-“Get your ass into gear and be here. For fuk sake, can’t even trust my same kind sometimes when it comes to pussy.”

-“Gotta go bae. Txt”

-“Bye Dyl xxxxx”

11.00 AM, little Mika walks around school, wandering from place to place, orientation starts at¬†01:00PM about new class. Mika is amazed by fresh air but maybe unrelaxing lifestyle. Something makes she feels uneasy that she can’t use words to describe. Fast come fast go, is it how she feeling now? What is it?

Thinking about finding new place and then new job. She’s picturing herself in various positions: waitress, retailer, janitor, baby sitter, farmers, fish monger, butcher, nail staff, is there the one she can fit in? Is it the better life her mother wants her to have? By pushing her into the position to swim in the¬†ocean without teaching her kid¬†how beforehand?

Mika felt depressed, long face and eyes on the road. Big wind might not be friendly with her now and starts to blow fast. Just like her future, it’s going fast.

Door car slammed, one click button and all roof covered like transformer. Nice and quiet. Dylan in his Nike sporty top to toe, baseball hat, carry big bag walking fast and keep staring at his phone with a cheeky smile.

Mika saw someone came toward her too fast. She tried to avoid and stared on the ground.

Looking up from his phone, seeing a little girl crossing her arms walking timidly in the big¬†wind, something bugs him unconsciously. Doing reverse walking, he approached the girl: “Hey there!”

-“Yes?”, Mika feels panic, she thinks she’s in trouble.

-“You look like a new student here. Are you okay? How have your day been?”

Have no idea what does he mean. Mika just looked at him, avoided eye contact. Up and down  and down and up, hope the convo is over so she can go.

-“It’s a big school isn’t it? You need a map to find your way here. Or make a friend so that both of you can walk together. I’m Dylan. And you?”

Mika had enough, he spoke too fast, she walked away from him and talked to herself: “I’m sorry. I am so sorry. I am sorry, please understand me.” Dylan stood still, saw her walk away from him without a word, scratched his head, didn’t know what he’s done to make her mad.

-“Okay my Lord, where are ya and will ya come?”, friend’s text alert.


Noon, tired of walking, Mika stopped at the big open stadium with circle chair. Sitting down having a sip of water, Mika saw a familiar face.

On the ground, Dylan hits the ball and runs to the spot. He runs really fast, like a flash, friends cheered at him. The other competitive team surrendered the scores. It was too far to keep up.

Mika by now paid attention to him. Such a pretty boy with gorgeous face, so tall and solid, so protective and masculine, so perfect. “I will never be his type of chic. I will never speak fast his language as him. I will never be lucky to lead a confident life. I am…just a mess left over from nature. What if, what if I become someone I am not, just a little fun game, just a little moment to feel mortal, to sugarcoat the sorrows of reality I’m living in.”

Feeling like someone is watching from the audience, he looks around, the sunlight blindfolds his eyes, he can’t see much, but still smiling his best as a thank you.

From distance, Mika saw he smiled at her. What a beautiful smile, the touch of God perhaps. Pulling her out from swampy place. What a beautiful eyes, he must have his mother’ eyes, so as they said. Phone alerts texts, Dylan looked: “Dad and bros off tonight for fishing until morrow noon, 10 PM?”

-“Sweet! KY for you on my way.”

-“I can’t hardly wait. Need it inside me.”

-“Oh, cutie”

Everyone left stadium. Little girl still daydreamed about the smile. Got in her class. It was a nice day. She trolled to Saint KK beach by transportation. Looking for a job, open a random door leading into one restaurant with a bar upfront. A man is cleaning the glasses, quick look at her then totally ignored her presence.¬† Mika patiently waited to be talked to. Long pause of silence. Finally, he said: “What are you waiting for, exit behind you. Wrong place at wrong time.” However, the sign outside: “immediately start waitress, no experiences required”

Long day walking, Mika sits on the side beach. Feeling worst. “Maybe I should kill myself, hoping for a better life next. Being born in a rich family. Does it even have another life of me?”

11 PM. “Baby, I really like it .Can I ask you a question?”


-“What do you think about me?”

-“You are sexy and making me horny whenever I think of you.”

-“Anything else”

-“I love it when you moan.”


-“Uhmmmm. I think I like you”

-“I like you too Dylan.”


-“Can we go further a bit?”

-“I’mmmm…….I’m not ready for it. I don’t want to hurt you.”

-“Would you introduce me to your family?”

-“I am………not ready for it.”

-“Because how we met?”


(………………………………………………….to be continued)

I hope you all have a nice weekend.

Thi Bao Chau Tran

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