• Good evening, thank you for a great time we spent together┬átoday at Holocaust Museum in Elsternwick.
  • For study purpose only of class ALC203.

Human memory:

  1. Of course, it did. With the already done digitisation process, we can now become familiar with our past more closely and reconceive our own perception of people who lived at that cruel time.
  2. All of these three components:┬á human memory, physical presence and `reality` may be enhanced with the establishment of VR ÔÇö Virtual reality and AR ÔÇö Augmented reality. The reason is that augmented reality and virtual reality are inverse reflections of one in another with what each technology seeks to accomplish and deliver for the user. Virtual reality offers a digital recreation of a real life setting, while augmented reality delivers virtual elements as an overlay to the real world.

Digital heritage:

  1. Sure, with the increasing technologies real people become redundant. There is the hypothesis that by the 2020 most of the human production will be replaced by the robots. That is why my opinion is that in some 15 years more, digital media may replace interpersonal interactions.
  2. People may become used to it and when the digital media is not presented, they┬ámay oppose the presentation without it. In addition,┬á the all-the-time presence of the digital media in museum may overturn the traditional perception of ‘museums’.
  3. They may establish games that will enhance the understanding of the particular time presented in the museum. Yet, the presence of gamifications should not be exaggerated because what`s the reason of going then to the museum if you may dive into another world by eating your dinner at home?

Getting practical:

For sure I`d design an app that would show people the real pitfalls of Holocaust. Why? Because people somehow have a blurry understating of this period.  While doing it, I would use the chronology to show people the period more clearly.  In addition, I`d focus on the relatives who had their friends, parents, children face the Holocaust. I`d reconstruct their memories into the real picture and leave only their voice telling the story. Yet, I will have to be cautious in dealing with this interview because memories may be pain. Thus, I would have to be more patient.

Thanks for reading

Thi Bao Chau Tran

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