• What would your life be to live with a robot that he/she was designed as real as human? For study purpose only of ALC203

Advancement in technological issues has contributed significantly to the improvement of human life. To be specific, robots are used for driving cars, carrying things around and even acting as guards.

The most recent development is the creation of robots that can satisfy a person’s sexual needs. This development was a few years back considered impossible. These sex robots are almost like humans. There is a general rise in the use of these sex dolls. This fact is proven by the recent incident whereby a Chinese engineer married his robotic creation. Furthermore, many people consider it possible to have a close and reliable relationship with machines. This idea is due in large part to a misconception about relationships with actual humans. Production of realistic dolls still continues to shoot up day by day. Sex robot brothels are also on the rise (McLaren, 2012).

The future of sex is an issue that alarms many especially academics. Present day sex dolls are programmed to know their owners’ preferred sex positions and never say ‘no.’ They can also learn new things, talk but cannot walk. Today’s sex dolls. These sex robots are also programmed to say flattering words. It is certain that more developments will come up on these robotic creations because of the fast growth in technology. It is highly likely that sex robots will become so common (Levy, 2009, p.55)

Probably we shall be interacting with sex robots and dolls that respond to our sexual needs in such a way that makes it almost real. The idea does not seem pleasant. Intimacy is difficult to find for a few individuals but making a robot you want to relate with sexually that also wants to relate sexually to you while attending to all your fanciful impulse does not seem like an excellent substitute. Nevertheless, maybe this is the future; all we must do is prepare ourselves for the unavoidable.

The idea of having a life partner as a robot is either right or wrong depending on whether such a relationship is helpful or harmful to the individual.  A robot, for instance, can be used in therapy treatment positively with the control of a human. They can enhance treatment proceedings in which case the robots are helpful. I believe that it is so natural for humans to become emotionally attracted to robots they interact with every day in different ways and different scenarios (McLaren, 2012).

Interaction with robots is likely to lead naturally into a form of human attachment. Trouble may arise when this attachment interferes with people living healthily, which covers a huge list of what “healthy” may be. A person’s therapeutic use of a doll for companionship or may be primarily helpful to making their life comfortable at some level. However, we can all think of instances where relating socially or emotionally toward robots can be considered extreme (Levy, 2009, p.43)

In conclusion, when divorce occurs it is usually so difficult to deal with it emotionally, that people can be found not paying attention to the important issues – for example, who moves out,  what does one get, and what about the children?.  Penelope Joey writes about for things that one should do in the event of divorce.  Be aware of your family’s finances, know how property and debts will be partitioned, understand what will happen to the children and understand the length of time needed. For example, it is costly to cater for the children after divorce. This practicality drives people to stick to their loved ones.

Thi Bao Chau Tran


Levy, D. ,2009. Love + sex with robots. 1st ed. London: Duckworth, pp.43-55.

McLaren, A., 2012. Reproduction by design: sex, robots, trees, and test-tube babies in interwar Britain. University of Chicago Press.

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