The following content is used only for ARL206 week two.

This week you have options for your blog post topic, either:

A. UndertakeĀ content planning for your blog. Write about the process and any tools you are using; or

B. What are the best tools available to PR practitioners to research and evaluate social media content?Ā 


Goals are substantial and ought to be achievable in a year or two. When forming a goal, it is vital to keep the SMART abbreviation in mind: to be exact, is it specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-oriented? A majority of public relation strategies comprise two sets of goals ā€“ the organization’s general business goals and the communication goals that will aid attain them. Restating the company’s goals guarantees alignment with the organization’s temporary objectives and makes it easy to see how the communication goals align with the business’s plan.


Strategies are broad methods that are applied with the aim of attaining goals. A public relations strategy characteristically consists of three to eight plans, depending on how complex the goals are. Strategies ought to be actionable and clarify how the company will achieve the goal and why the organization is undertaking that strategy.


Tactics are the actions that you or the organization will apply to undertake every approach. Tactics are the everyday steps that are aimed at moving the business onward towards attaining its general goals. Every tactic ought to aid answer the query, what is the next step that is needed to accomplish the tactic? Strategic arrangement is a vital primary step towards attaining productivity across all departments of the company. It is mainly significant in public relations since ROI cannot be evaluated exclusively founded on conventional metrics. A strategic arrangement guarantees that there is a shared comprehension of what you are attempting to accomplish, how you strategize to undertake it, and how you are going to evaluate productivity.Ā 

Here is an example of a fashion PR for Lottie Lingerie that I took part in recently; outlined in objectives, strategies, and tactics:


In this PR activity, we thought of objectives like comprehensive lasting requirements/anticipations and visions. The objectives were characteristically wide-ranging, theoretical and potentially complex to measure.

Case in point: US-headquartered Lottie Lingerie wishes to become a recognized trademark in the United Kingdom.


During the PR activity, we thought of goals like those needed accomplishments that will help with meeting the established objectives. The objectives characteristically were the declarations of purpose that gave an explanation of what needs to take place, what needed to be attained, or where the trademark needed to be for objectives to be met. The goals needed to be communicated in real, quantifiable terms.

Tips for writing Public Relations goals

  • Begin with an action verb ā€“ statements like raise, decrease, develop, maintain, and work well
  • If you are utilizing the word ā€˜by’ then you are noting down a strategy, not a goal. Attempt again.

Case in point: To put up more than 10 blog posts on UK-headquartered Lottie Lingerie blogs in less than a month


A step down in the PR strategy process, we were supposed to come up with the strategies for the company. It is worth noting that poor plans, they are the most misinterpreted of all! Strategies are purely the “how” that, when conducted properly, will assist to guarantee that the organization and the team meet the stated goal. Therefore, for us, the strategies were the principles that set up the planned direction of the company’s programs (that is, the tactics).

Tips for writing Public Relations strategies

  • Apply action verbs such as expand, form, foster, target
  • Also exclude the tendency to use the word “by” ā€“ for instance, “sponsor my trademark by creating a bookĀ 

Case in point:Ā  Advocate for Lottie Lingerie through tailored pitches to more than 40 UK-headquartered lingerie bloggers


Woah!!Tactics, I love the use of tactics in PR. These were the precise “who” and “what” that characterize the organization’s programs and strategies. It took us long to get to the tactics but we accomplished our aim. The tactics were the particulars, they were the action points.

Case in point: Add over 40 UK-headquartered lingerie bloggers to the media list by next Wednesday.

Thank you for reading my blog,

Thi Bao Chau Tran

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