The following content is used only for ARL206 week four

A. Interview a PR practitioner or PRĀ student about their experiences using social media for PR purposes; or
B. Sign up for a new social media account with a social media site you donā€™t currently use. After using the site for a week, blog about your experiences and consider the implications of your chosen site for public relations activities.

Social media has become an important aspect of public relations. Business persons have learned the importance of social media in marketing and selling of their brands. It not only helps them to connect with customers but also in interacting with other people operating in their field. Social media has also been a perfect platform for learning new skills and expanding knowledge. Twitter, one of the social media websites, has gained too much popularity in the recent past with many investors conducting their PR activities through tweets. It is undoubtedly true that this platform has significant implications on public relations activities.

Using Twitter for the first time can be quite challenging. Unlike many other social media websites which give enough room for expression, twitter has a limit of only 140 characters. It becomes a big challenge for a person who had been used to writing long posts. The very first discipline that a new user of twitter has to learn is to communicate effectively using few words. There ought to be a lot of specificity and clarity to ensure that the information reaches the intended audience without distorting it or leaving out important elements.Ā 

Selection of influential messages and topics of discussions is another tactic that PR professionals on Twitter need to learn and implement. It is possible to tweet, and no one pays attention to the tweets. It is therefore important that the users get to monitor their audience by ensuring that they capture their attention. The only way to ascertain that the tweets are not ignored is by posting eye-catching messages. Every reader would want to read further and even log into the organizationā€™s website to learn more. Joining conversations and interacting with others is equally a good tactic. It helps to learn new strategies from other people and if implemented, they may yield better results.

Good timing is quite necessary for effective public relations. It is an equally essential tactic when using twitter. One has to learn the most appropriate time for sending a particular message. The time selected should be one when most people will see it. The PR offices should then conduct proper research to know when most people are capable of seeing the message.Ā 

Implications of Twitter on Public Relations

The contribution of twitter on public relations cannot be underestimated. It has been very instrumental in conducting and furthering campaigns to advocate for better practices or condemn wrong ones. Twitter has been identified as the most vigilant social media platform for conducting campaigns. Another implication of Twitter on public relations is that it has increased interactions. It gives room for people from different backgrounds to share their ideas and interact with each other. These interactions help to break the cultural backgrounds that exist between people thus promoting unity.Ā 

Twitter is also one of the greatest sources of information. It helps the business people to study the market and identify the needs of the consumers. They then strategize on how to have them met to avoid disappointing their clients. It is an effective platform for marketing and studying the market trends. It also helps in monitoring competition by following their competitorsā€™ plans and strategies. Twitter is, therefore, a significant tool for doing public relations. It has been growing steadily and thus has become one of the most powerful strategies for delivering messages and passing valuable information.Thank you for reading my blog.

Thi Bao Chau Tran

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