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Ā Social media is one of the platforms that have continued to be used by different organization and individuals for various purposes based on the need in place. Since its existence, individual businesses and agencies have been able to grow rapidly concerning the special services that a variety of them can access. This is quite different compared to the early years when businesses and individual practices seemed to develop at a lower rate. Also, this is based on the increased popularity that social media has attained on the global basis (Gunawardena, Flor, GĆ³mez, and SĆ”nchez, 2016, p.35). This paper is going to analyze social media use and articulation within different fields by looking into how Alticor Inc. and Venus Fashion Inc., employs the use of social media in their daily practices.

Alticor vs Venus Incorporation Uses of Social MediaĀ 

Alticor Inc. is one of the major corporations that largely depend on social media for every practice that it undertakes. Based on the fact that it is a company which deals in a variety of methods ranging from manufacturing to service provision, social media has always been used as its performance facilitator and transaction booster platform (Eyrich, Padman & Sweetser, 2008, 437). Within Alticor Inc., social media has always been used as an information sharing channel that builds on the corporation’s public relations.

More than often, Alticor Inc., stakeholders, ranging from the firm management down the line to the customers have continued to use media sites like Facebook, twitter, and WhatsApp in sharing valuable information. This aids in the development and bettering of Alticor Inc., practices (Gunawardena, Flor, GĆ³mez, and SĆ”nchez, 2016, p.35).

Currently, Alticor Inc. customers have great opportunities of sharing out there ideas concerning regarding feedback through media sites, and at the same time having a one on one interaction with Alticor Inc brand, and also customers can talk to each other. This has seen various services and products being improved from time to time.

Similarly, social media within Venus Fashion Inc. has continued to be used as a tool for information sharing between the company and its customers (Eyrich, Padman & Sweetser, 2008, p.429). Venus Fashion customers are currently in a position of interaction with the organization through feedback; hence ensure that the products provided are of excellent quality. This, in turn, helps the company to better on various areas of customers’ concern (Eyrich, Padman & Sweetser, 2008, p.429). Besides, as noted by the Venus Fashion Inc., head of communication department, using social media is a factor that has not only enabled the corporation to better on quality.

However, it has also helped in analyzing customers concerning age, their demographic areas, together with the language that different types of customers understand adequately (Fuchs, 2017, p.39).

Branding and Advertising

Also, Alticor Inc. has always used social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and others as a platform for advisement and branding. Within Alticor Inc, social media has continued to be used as a voice of branding and enabling customers awareness within the shortest time possible (Crawford, 2009, p.535). Alticor Inc., customers are in a position of making orders right from their homes through the use of social media sites. They can communicate with the Alticor Inc. manufacture while at their homes or any other places. And this has made it easier and flexible for Alticor Inc, to carry out its practices in a customer oriented manner (Asur, and Huberman, 2010,p.498). This is similar to what is what is realized from Venus Fashion Inc, which has also continued to use social media for advertisement. More than often, Venus Fashion Inc. products have been found on various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Watsapp pages. These pages contain various pictures of different products that are offered by the corporation with their prices below them.

Figures: Social Media Sites Logos


As such, it is a factor that has enabled the organization to easily attain significant global awareness as such posts reach almost every part of the world that has the internet connection (Crawford, 2009, p.534). This is the same thing realized from the Venus Fashion Inc., which has also ventured into using social media as a great advertisement platform.

However, the slight difference that is recognized concerning the social media publicity techniques that Alticor Inc and Venus Fashion is concerning products pricing and arrangement in the different sites of social media (Eyrich, Padman & Sweetser, 2008, p.418).


In this case, it is realized that Venus cloth Inc. has always ensured that their clothing products are always accompanied with pricing and the discounts that are associated with the purchase. This has enabled consumers to adopt on fixed prices, which is contrary when compared to Alticor Inc which rarely add the prices of their products and discounts (Asur, and Huberman, 2010, p.497).

Reaching New Customers and Markets

Also, it is realized that Alticor Inc, uses social media in reaching new customers (Gunawardena, Flor, GĆ³mez, and SĆ”nchez, 2016, p.35). As discussed, it is evident that social media is a platform that enables a corporation to gain global popularity. This is due to the new customers, especially youngsters, who are easily reached and become aware of the various services and products offered by Alticor Inc. Just like Alticor Inc, Venus Fashion also employs the use of social media in its practices. This is as a way of reaching new customers on the global basis and also attaining popularity. Such a method has worked out to increase the corporation’s sales and widening its transaction in different parts of the world (Fuchs, 2017, p.38).


As a result of these, both the companies are now accessible globally and continue to get new customers from time to time. This has made them always to remain stable and making profits in all of their transactions and business deals, together with opening up other branches in different parts of the world for more customers to be reached through social media.

Customersā€™ Feedback

Moreover, Alticor Inc has always used social media for conducting its market research (Crawford, 2009, p.527). Through obtaining the customers’ feedback, Alticor Inc. has been in a position of predicting the changes in the markets and upcoming new services and products;hence, it is always working on how to better their practices into moving in the same direction as the changing circumstances (Mercea, 2016, 226). This is slightly different to what is realized from Venus Fashion, which only uses media in predicting changes in fashions and availing the new changes to wait for customers (Briones, Kuch, Liu & Jin, 2011, 39). Other than this slight difference, both corporations employ the use of communication in predicting the market changes before implementing new ways of performance which reflect on the future anticipations (Asur, and Huberman, 2010, p.495).

Social Media for Direct SellingĀ 

Another way that Alticor Inc, uses social media is direct selling of products through the different social media sites. In this case, Alticor Inc is a corporation that has made various social media sites to become its great marketing channels (Mercea, 2016, p.224). Having this in place has enabled its potential customers to place product orders at any time from any location quickly.

More than often, Alticor Inc has been noted to communicate with their clients concerning the referral of their goods to other new customers. This has also improved their performances dramatically (Briones, Kuch, Liu & Jin, 2011, p.40). This is also the same to what is realized from Venus Fashion Inc, which has also continued to use social media as a platform for direct selling of their cloth products to their customers, with a larger percentage of their clients preferring social media transactions than physical ones (Fuchs, 2017, p.39). These observations have made it clear that the current marketers have begun to critically understand the importance and use of social media within their practices. As such, they employ it as a major component in their different marketing strategies. This method has enabled them to quickly reach new customers within different markets and places (Briones, Kuch, Liu & Jin, 2011, p.42).


In conclusion, the above descriptions help to understand that social media has different purposes within organizations and businesses. Also, its presence has an excellent contribution to an organization’s success through bettering the performances. According to the paper, social media is used in different ways which include enhancing communication between customers and organizations, used for advertisement and branding. Besides, social media is used in improving customersā€™ feedback together with completing market research. Based on these findings, it is clear that social media is one of the components that have a great opportunity of leading to organizations’ developments; hence, calling for the need of adherence to it by corporations that have a mission of developing.


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