Focusing on a recent news story that may have popped up in your Facebook/Twitter feed, provide an overview of how an organisation involved responded using social media. Use examples to enhance your post. The following content is used for study purposed only of ARL206 week eight.

Using social media to build strong and connected online communities

Social media can be used in building a strong online community in three stages. Firstly the foundation of the social media community has to be established. Social media communities are composed of groups of users who are rallying around a common goal or interest. In this case, rallying can take the form of sharing, engaging or even promoting content, social brand or presence. In achieving such actions, it is fundamental that a social presence has to be developed upon which the groups of users would rally around. The second stage would involve growing of the social media community. This is the time to scale once the base of the social community has been created. It includes not only developing the following but also creating a target audience of the engaged social media influencers and users. This is achieved through using social media to engage in strategic conversations, connecting with the online community as well as being generous. Thirdly, it would involve leveraging the social media community. Some ways can be utilized in the process of leveraging the social media community. It is also of significant importance that the principles upon which this community had been built should not be ignored no matter the methods that have been chosen. Firstly, it would involve using the social media in collecting feedback through conducting online surveys as well as polls asking the community to be honest. Secondly, it would include the application of crowdsourcing. This can be done through asking, for example, twitter followers general social media questions and utilizing their responses in the blog post inspiration. A photo contest can also be used through posting such entries on Instagram. Finally, amplification of the views would be necessary especially when a big announcement has to be made. In such a case the online community would be substantial in sharing the news with the networks.THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLOG,



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