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Three brands: Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Victoria’s Secret by three students: Thi Bao Chau Tran, Lori Spilkin and Meiyi Wang. However, Thi Bao Chau Tran was absent on the presentation day so the remaining members spoke for her voice.

Here is the script last modified:


Good afternoon everyone. My name is Lori and today I have Meiyi and Polly with me. For assignment one, we were asked to choose a special event and analyzed it, and today, we are here to talk about how our events are similar and different which event worked the best and was more beneficial.


The event that I chose was Ronald McDonald House McHappy Day, which raises money for kids who are sick and their families through the sale of items on the menu. Meiyi chose the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which is an annual fashion show that showcases Victoria’s Secret women’s wear, and Polly chose Coke’s Share a Coke” campaign, which is a campaign that prints names on coke bottles.


I am now going to talk to you about which of these three event was the most effective and why. After discussing all of our events and giving details, we concluded that the event I had analyzed, the Ronald McDonald House McHappy Day, was the most effective event. Although all three events showcase a particular product for the world to see, McHappy Day was the only event that used their products for the good of others in a charitable way. Since the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and Share a Coke only used their events as a way to increase product placement and market their products in a campaign form, there is no part of these events that brings awareness to issues going on around the world, or raise money for people in need. McHappy Day is an annual event that raises money for children who are sick, as well as engaging their target audiences. The other special events only engage their audiences with their products and promoting the company in a worldwide event.


All three of these events will somehow make a profit, whether it’s to do with what they are selling, or their marketing strategies. McDonald’s, however, uses their profits for charitable purposes, making it more effective and overall successful.

In 2016, McHappy Day raised over $3.95 million to support families of seriously ill children. In 2016, Victoria Secret Fashion Show made over $7.2 billion. In 2016, the Share a Coke campaign had a massive increase in sales.

Even though McHappy Day didn’t make as much money or have an increase in their sales like the other two events had, McDonalds reasoning behind their profit making was not to make them a better company, or to gain more product placement. They raised this money in honor of other people and not for fame or by way of increasing company awareness. It’s not about how much money a company makes or how famous they actually is; it’s about what it does with the money and how they use its fame to benefit the lives of others or increase its charitable causes..


Coca-Cola’s event Share a Coke was as effective as McHappy Day. In terms of advertising, this event was the most digitalized event and was more globally advertised than the other two events. It took place in over 50 cities worldwide and increased the company’s brand visibility by a large amount. Overall, the event had over 500 million participants, which is the highest number of participants out of the three events that we chose.

I am now going to pass onto Polly, who will be talking about the similarities and differences between the three events: McHappy Day, Share a Coke and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.



Hello everyone, my name is Thi Bao Chau Tran, please refer me as Polly.

I am going to show you my research about the similarities and differences between three brands that Lori have been mentioned (show slides).

First I am going to talk about Similarities, all three brands are successfully drive their target public engage successfully by using social media to participate into their annual events, not only being joined in as guests, viewers also could be a part of their brands by becoming members and received benefits and offers from those brands. As we all know two giant companies McDonald’s(MCD) and Coca Cola(KO) are also known as ‘a tale of two dividend Aristocrats’.

In 1955, MCD started their very first restaurant, stretching their strength into 32,000 diners with estimated over $22 billion US in 2016 worth of revenues and totally closed to $5 billion shareholders(dividends and repurchases shares).

Sales particularly focus on 3 principal regions: US, Europe (EU) and Asia/Pacific-Mid East and Africa (APMEA). Forecast 8%growth with the next 5 years, benefit customers around the world by eating McDonald’s and drinking Diet Coke and have a great day, growing together since 1955.

Both iconic American brands are strong financial, being well known globally to the public market at moderate prices, major expanding to Asia, Africa and Latin American countries, massive treasury stock equal to their major company, both franchise concept is similar system altogether.

Now I am going to talk about the differences between three brands: Coca-Cola still keep its legacy glowing through years but the market of McDonald’s started to crumble in the US as consumers start to choose healthy options, and that headwind is never to going away.

McDonalds started to use the strategy of using data analyst to bait investors by adjusted 7%growth in currency as high single digits classified in ‘International High Growth Markets’ while Coke being described as low-single-digit in areas such as China and South Korea. Analysts never want to hear ‘low-single-digit’ and China in the same sentence, especially from a brand in America.

Victoria Secrets was always the brand in the frontier of desire, when our needs reaching in the level of satisfaction more than just quick filling our hunger, get together to share joys but it’s the world of arts being illuminated by female bodies, the icon of realm that only us can unwrap when the night falls, like fallen angels with many untold stories and buyers are the time travelers to discover the true apple of their appetite.

Finally following with more information, Meiyi shall going to detail regarding to her recommendations and conclusion.




My name is Meiyi. Thanks to Lori for explaining the reasons that you pick McHappy day and Share a Coke as the most effective special events. And, thanks to Polly for analyzing the similarities and differences between McHappy Day, Share a Coke, and Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show.


So, everyone! What will come up to you when you think about the role of public relations in event planning? How would you develop a PR plan around an event?


If I work for an PR agency, and my team is doing a communication plan for a fundraising event like McHappy Day.


I would recommend them to use the social media to raise awareness in the community: Social media is a cost-effective way to communicate with supporters, sponsors and people who will benefit from the charity. For an organization on a tight budget, it’s a very helpful tool to disperse messages, gain feedback, engage your target audience and promote the charity. One way you can encourage donations or participation is by making it easy for people to share their support for the charity. If someone makes a donation via your website, you can encourage them to tell their friends by including share buttons on the donation page. For example, if someone posts on their Facebook page that they just donated to your charity their friends will see it and it may encourage them to donate as well.

I will suggest our team to corporate with an Ambassador, pitch he/she into the media: An ambassador can embody the charity’s values and help to promote the charity’s cause. By using a celebrity as an ambassador you can use their fame to generate awareness for the charity and gain more interest from the media. As celebrities have a large fan base you can also use them to communicate your message to their fans and reach a wider audience. Although, the ambassador doesn’t have to be a celebrity. The best ambassadors are people who embody the values, mission and brand of the charity to reinforce your message. If you are on a tight budget you can ask the celebrity to be an ambassador for free to build their own profile as well as yours.


We can have someone available for media interviews who the charity has helped and 

Start a blog to share stories with the target audience. It would be a good idea to blog about what the charity is doing, inspirational stories of people who have befitted from the charity, discuss upcoming events, encourage donations. By doing these, it can help the organization reach more audience and gain support or more donations for the charity.


All these methods that I have mentioned are for the promotion of a charity. I will now change the topic to *Publicity event (Share a Coke). When you are making a PR plan for Publicity event like Share a Coke, you have to make sure

(Ensure to have interesting images) that you have high quality image on hand which will pitching your event to media, the media would like it when you can provide image to go along with the story. Good images are important for promotion and marketing, it will help your audience understand and relate to your event.


Besides that, you can create hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Hashtag bring together like-minded people on social media platforms. You should create one for your event, and use it in the lead-up, as well as throughout the event. Make sure it is something simple and relates to the event. Make this event an annual event?

Use some of profits made to go towards a charity?


For an *Social event like (Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show), you can Write media release that contends all the important information about your event. And you have to remember that, a professional media releases contain who, what, when, where, why, and how. You will have to write the most important information in the first line and then second.


Also, Write newspaper article for local newspaper (Where the events will be host) Do some Research on the details of the local newspapers, magazines and even radio stations that works for your event. You can simply send a pitch letter to producers and editors, and tell them about the event.


Use social media, such as Facebook to share the(your) event information: Your organization can share the event information multiple times on its Facebook page. And Instagram as well, Instagram is perfect for events as the site is based around visuals, you can share your work there, and don’t forget to use hashtag.





In conclusion, sharing a Coke, McHappy Day & Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show are long term impacts to both internal and external stakeholders, they are all excellent at Marketing. And I also have to remind you again, if you are writing a media releases, don’t forget that your media release needs to contain who, what, when, where, why, and how. Also, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most useful social media site where your audience could be found, so use them wisely. And make sure that you have good images on hand!


Thank you for listening, I will now end this presentation with a quote.



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