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 Please read my content to understand what it will be like to use strategy in social media. Thank you. 

This is a final report concerning the digital media strategy which is an overview of the course studied. It involves stating the steps in digital media strategy, challenges and interesting facts that have learned in the study. In this project, I have been able to learn a number of things which have been of great help and will help me advance in my future career as the skills are applicable in real life. The skills I learned are a great asset as it is something that I will continue to develop as long as I keep working on different projects and ideas. For example the creation of 3D images was one of the skills that can be applied in various fields in our day to day in life. This skill can be applied by industries and producers in advertising their products to consumers. Through creation of attractive images to clients I can earn an extra income. Some of the 3D images I created as part of my project were of my great inspiration as they could be used by designers and architects to construct real life buildings and other structures. Throughout the study I learned a number of skills and new ideas.

Again in the project I learned how to create websites by my own a great tool which is important as a form of communication. Websites can also be used as a form employment as most businesses have gone digital and prefer the use the digital forms of communication. A website can be governmental website, non-profit organizations, personal or a commercial website. A website can serve a number of purposes as websites are various types search as static website, dynamic website, and multimedia and interactive media websites. Based on the various types a website serves a number of needs search as marketing, channel of communication for firms, collecting data and storing information for the users.

My great interest was based on 3D images whereby I created images of buildings which have always been of great interest (Remondino 2006,pp.269-91). Just as most people are interested on beautiful buildings so I am hence once provided with the opportunity to create 3D images of my interest I opted to create images of buildings. The images I created are highlighted below.

Why the content I created was inspirational


I was greatly inspired to create pictures of buildings since decent house structures have been my great inspiration I like well-designed houses as they are attractive and are good to live in and everyone would comment on any well-constructed building. Again, I have always had a great interest on architecture and designing this becoming my greatest inspiration towards creation of images of buildings using the tinker cad. Drawings of beautiful houses have always attracted me and so have they attracted many other people hence having learned how to create 3D images this was my first interest. This images would also be important as they can be an alternative source of income as can sale them to designers who can later implement the images into reality.

On the other hand I was able to create websites which is an important tool which in the digital world as it can be used as a platform of communication. Websites are relevant in the field if communication as they serve as the data bases for actions. While creating a websites, I was motivated my great interest on computer interactions as it is always fun and interesting to be on-line doing something constructive on the web. I have always liked to motivate people all over the world therefore I took the opportunity to create a personal website that I developed to suit my need to motivate people. I therefore putting motivational stories on the website and send the links to different people and also shared it on my social media channels where I could make the website known to many. On the website I also created a live chat where I could directly respond to people who need to be encouraged more. This helped me achieve a desire that I have always hence this project made my dream come true.

Steps in creating 3D images

Creating 3D images does not involve many steps as it is a simple procedure made to depict the right and left eye perspective. The tools involved in making 3D images include a digital camera, photo editing software and 3D glasses. The steps are discussed below;

Take two photos.

One needs to have two photos of the image he/she wants to create the procedure involves layering the two images.

Open both images in photo editing software.

A photo editing software is needed to edit the image. The most recommended software is that which can allow colour and layer editing. An example of search software is Photoshop. Open the photos on the photo editing software and open them in different windows (El- Hakim and Godin 2004, pp.21-9).

Copy one image.

Select one of the images then copy using the Ctrl +C and close the window.

Paste your image in the other window.

Proceed to the next window with the other image and paste the image on the other.

Convert the background to a layer.

The image you paste serves as layer while the one pasted on serves as the background.

Double click on the background image and name it so that you can remember which image it is and then press ok to convert it into a layer (El-Hakim and Godin 2004, pp.21-29). Similarly you can rename the other image by double clicking and name it differently for identification purpose.

Disable the left image’s red channel.

In this step you need to Double-click on the image and B,G and R boxes under the layer style boxes Find the boxes labelled R, G and B under the layer style box. Select the R box only and when the check mark disappears the image retains only blue and green colours (El- Hakim and Godin 2004, pp.21-9).

Disable the undesired colour channels.

Double click on the image and click on the colour boxes you need to remove from the image. Remove the check marks to remove search colours.

Move one of the pictures.

You may need to alter the situating of the layers to accomplish the coveted impact. The move apparatus is in the upper left corner of Photoshop’s left toolbar or in the tool stash menu in GIMP. Utilize it to drag the correct layer towards the left one (Remondino 2006, pp.269- 91)

Adjust the pictures over a point of convergence.


Pick a point you can concentrate on close to the focal point of the picture, for example, the edge of the land to one side of the dock in the picture above (El-Hakim and Godin 2004, pp.21-29). Move the correct picture towards the left one until the point that the real estate parcel in the two pictures cover. You’ll just observe one picture now.

Obstacles faced 

In this world, nothing comes easy; hence I faced a number of challenges while coming up with my project. I had to learn new skills which I would which had not thought would have helped me before. Skills that I had to learn search as website creation and steps involved in creating 3D images are difficult to master hence required commitment and concentration so as to be able to come up with the project

I had also to spend much time on my computer trying to perfect my work. Putting into consideration that I had other activities to undertake balancing my day hours to accommodate all I needed to achieve for the day was a great challenge. I would also take a long time to create a single image during my first attempts therefore getting exhausted and a feeling of discouragement for doing little over a long period. Working on a busy schedule is always tiresome and exhausting hence it was not easy all through.

Again some software’s needed to be installed into my computer so as to come up with a good project as some things could not be created using the basic software’s of a normal computer. I therefore had to find a software engineer to develop and install the required software’s

Another obstacle I faced is that of creating unique images and websites. To achieve my desire of invasion had to find an idea of something that has not been done before or develop that which has been. Coming up with the idea was a great challenge as almost everything has been done before hence it took me long to develop the idea.

If you would like to commercialise your images/objects/website, where would you place them?


To commercialise my images simply means making them available for trading or for sale.

Commercialising images, objects and websites is one of the simplest exercises as search creation speak much for themselves hence no need to convince potential customers to purchase them but just go by those who are convinced. These images can be placed on social media platforms search as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest where people can view the images and pick that which is of great interest to them.

If you would like to create a social media presence for your project’s online identity, what social networks would be the right outlets?

A number of social media outlets can be made use of search as Facebook, Instagram, Google +, twitter, promotional emails, Pinterest and LinkedIn. To market my projects, I will make use of a number of social media that can increase awareness on my project. The social media I would make use of are discussed below.



Facebook being one of the worlds used social media network would be a right outlet for me make use of. Due to its high number of users, I would be able to reach a great number of people thus creating awareness to a great population. This media would serve a great purpose as it’s a global social media therefore reaching people globally (Heymann 2012, pp.46-53). I would upload my project creations on a page and give a wide range of individuals to view the images and other works of my project.

Google +


This is another globally used social media. It involves sharing web pages and images with friends. Sharing the images created during the project would increase awareness as friends would share with their friends and make known to them how my work as is important. On Google + videos can also be shared on how search images can be created hence people would also try making other different images that would be of great importance to them. Through

this media platform therefore I reach majority of individuals. As communication in media involves reaching as many people as possible in the world this would act as an important outlet.



This is an important social media platform for marketing as it mainly makes communication through the use of images and videos therefore one of the best outlets for my project. This would act as a centre for exposing all my works including those on progress.

Through the use of images and videos people would easily be lured into my work therefore winning their trust and would in a way become there designer for various structures and objects. Since media communication involves frequent updates and use of new skills i would use this platform to expose my current works and recent developments.

Promotional emails


Through the use of emails aimed to promote my projects to a majority of friends and emails that I can easily access would be a great tool. Promotional emails are much convincing and can easily redirects clients to any websites as many people have trusted use of email as a means of communication for genuine and important information (Heymann 2012, pp.46-53). Emails are currently been used by people at all age brackets hence are an important tool to meet need of different age bracket.



Making use of twitter is important as I would get people’s reactions on my projects and areas that need to be improved. People often use this media to react to situations hence uploading my creations on this media I would get a reaction on my progress on various projects and images that I design (Heymann 2012, pp.46-53). Putting into consideration majority recommendations I would improve on my creation and even receive more ideas from other people interested on my projects and designs.



This media makes use of images as a marketing tool. I would make use of this media to show my different variations on my images and designs. Variations would win a great number of people based on what I can create and they would become my clients especially by designers.

Once you have identified what other actions might amplify your project’s reach, what would be the next steps of content creation?

After identifying other actions that would amplify my project reach my next step of content creation would be to commercialise my images and embark on producing more and more images that capture public attention hence making higher sales thereby boosting my creations. I would also create images that condemn vices in the society and put them on billboards. This would help fight some vices search as drug abuse and corruption hence advocating for uprightness in society something that will encourage me to work more and more to serve the society.

A digital strategy for amplifying the reach of digital content always requires the production of more digital content. How would that be different from the content you have just created?


I would create a variety of images with different variations hence increasing validity on the images available. This will increase the images available on my display therefore will produce more and more images. I will embark on large scale production so as to meet the demands of the market available.



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