Personal insight:

Extremely Warning:

  • Hello everyone, please note I do not copy any writer or borrow anyone life’s story to mention in here. I do not describe my past life experiences in any of my imaginary stories. It’s totally imagination from me. Please please please exit my blog if you are not sure what I am saying.
  • As a reader, please do not conclude my stories as your personal judgement or how your future shall be based on what you are reading right now. If you cannot do that, please exit my blog.
  • Again,  you must be responsible for your decision, there is no PAUSE button in here as this is life.


Morning glory, sunlight is smiling, quietly observes its busy world, welcome to another day, another opportunity to rebuild mistakes as present.

Up above the cotton sky, heading higher and higher, a magnificent object moving forwards in high speed, tearing up thick clouds wherever it confronts.

-“Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelt and stay in your seat, we are going through turbulence.”

In the back ground, starts from medium volume with the 1-1 classic beat of electrical drum(live drum set with an actual pad to trigger clap hand sound, you need to put lots of reverb to get that classic 808 sound. You might be able to use a crasher with lots of reverb on it to get the sound. The 808 sound is basically white noise with reverb. Do it fast as 1-2-1-1-2, best performing as medium mode, don’t break it into freestyle, it will ruin the melody)

An angelic silky soulful voice echoing breaks its silence, singing:

“Oh, it’s okay to be…A little broken and beaten…But I’m alright with that…You’re with me, relax…And you call it weak…Baby, you’re just unique…Coming out of the black…Never hold it back…You got such sad eyes, turn blue to grey… And it hurts me to see you hurt this way…Oh, go on and cry, baby, cry baby…Cause you don’t have to keep it inside…Go on and cry, baby, cry, baby…And there’s no reason you got to hide…A real man shows his feelings…Tears they can be healing…And I can be your saviour tonight… Go on and cry, baby, cry, baby……just cry……….sweet darling”

Toddlers screaming in despair, heavy atmosphere where one passenger stares at a person sits behind for random constant tapping seat….and repeats….hopelessly.

Following long waiting queues leading to red-signal both water closets each side, a pretty lady in uniform of Slavic Airline, politely opens and quickly shuts a piece of deep strawberry curtain, carrying a tray half filled glasses(Vera Wang Wedgewood Classic Flutes year Y2K,ltd edt) of champagne (Blanc de Blancs)as complimentary.

Entering another  side of area where all restrooms are available with empty aisles, everyone is being served gourmet Kobe Wagyu as main meal, accompanied with extra large-sized charcoal croissant, unlimited handpicked selections on menu, from Western to India…

Snowflakes covering outside the window expose a miserable face, closed eyes shut tight, loud music rising high with a male deep sad voice keeps hitting climax:

Who said you can’t find love in a club?…. Cause I wanna tell them that they wrong….Come on baby, try a new thing, let’s spark a new flame….You’re going be my baby, love me, love you crazy…..Tell me if you are ready….”

A newspaper dropped on the floor, front page——-Breaking news:

“A 22-year-old female body found at downtown B&B during this sad Saturday.”

Kneeling down on the floor, a lovely flight attendant, name tag:Emily, silently picks it up, spends her moment looking at the photo, whispering to herself: “God bless this unforgiving soul!”


Wide eyes opened, reaching an object, the clock pointing 7.00 AM, Mika forgot to set her alarm, again….

It was a rough month working in a kitchen at an outstanding dinner, Mika struggled as many colleagues worked with her often quit due to built-up tension with the one and only manager there.

Open Nick’s huge wardrobe, only four seasoned long-sleeved tunics being hang, Mika has no idea which colours she should choose between black Japan, rescued Donna, rainbow Twinky and forever Angel to begin her day.

An idea rolls in her mind following with a childlike smile, Mika took all them down and tucked in her little plastic laundry basket, closed the lid and shook up and down.

Dancing like a girl under rain, just not with an umbrella but a laundry basket, a music started in the background on Nick’s digital radio:

“This just the way I feel….Mind’s been racing so long, yeah….It’s just no way to deal……With these problems alone…..And I really can’t take it no more….I’ve been fighting temptations, my Lord….I’m young and I’m restless….I never felt selfish before……I’ve been living so reckless, I know….Tell me Lord, can you help me???…….”

Pull out the lid to surprise herself, this is the one she shall wear today. In the corner of the room, the cat is looking at Mika focusly.

Lemonday with so many exciting beginnings, Mika feels happy as finally she could define herself in this new life: being born in this world as human….only just to push the envelope of being human.

School is over and work routine starts, it seemed endlessly when Mika’s manager often throws shade at every worker: “You don’t get paid if you are lazy. You don’t take restaurant food without asking. You don’t ask to go home during working and you don’t use your family as an excuse for being absent. That’s why no one could last in Soba, and it’s a good thing”, he said.

Mika’s fingers are changing colours from dipping vegies in cold water to washing dishes in hot temperature.

A job everyone walks away is a beam full of dreams brightens up her day in this life.

11.30 PM,finish all ‘le quotidien’ of Mr.Mizuno’s instruction, Mika was exhausted , fell asleep on her midnight train to home.

Open his eyes from blurry to still clear, Morgan taps on a button carelessly, the same lovely lady came over, gently smiled at him:

-“Another bubble please, I’m hungry”.

-“Yes Sir, buffet over there for quick snack while waiting please.”

-“I feel like…..Sherry. Is she on the menu?”

-“We don’t serve her on first class. We have a variety of Gin, Medoc,Taitinger, Chardonnay…and more. Menu drinks on your left hand personal slot Sir, all free and ready to order.”

-“Is she……that terribly cheap? For not being here?”

-“?????…….Sir…..oh my heaven…..I never mean that Sir……Our cabin just certainly never came up in mind to serve your missus, my apology….I hope you’ll find something….to alternate what we don’t have.”


–  “Wake up, sleepy head, wake up, the train ends at this stop and there won’t be any until 04.00 AM”, train operator man gently tapped on Mika’s shoulder.

Understand what he said,nodded her head, hold her Soba-employee-backpack, walked out fast to the door. Smiling to herself:

“One day all trains in this world will operate 24/7 and secretly alert passenger’s arrival destination.”

(to be continued)

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