My blog had been created in Trimester one in second year of Deakin University, for media studies purpose,one of two majors in my Bachelor of Arts.

Appear as an Asian student with the status from Deakin College transferring, I wanted a fresh start at an unknown school to challenge my education.

I am originally from Harvard University, graduated phD in philosophy of international and comparative laws with 10 years practising intensive laws in Europe as part of my placements.

I went to Melbourne University for Bachelor of Extended Science, and realised Deakin was a potential academic institute with very promising education in communication learning.

After graduating in Melbourne University, I applied to Deakin and started from scratch in Deakin College.

My physical appearance is always a disadvantage to people who first meet me. I am younger than my actual age.

Knowing how it would be a reason to be made fun of by students who thought I was their age, I started to enjoy acting role play with them as a classic stereotype character: Asian international 19 year old student, talk and think and act cluelessly, even create situations to frustrate my peers and teachers for my own satisfaction.

I don’t want to mention about my position outside work or my professional career.

I am single and prefer men for life commitment. I am a very playful character so that I often look like a heartbreaker.

I can’t handle being with a person who doesn’t have a standard physical appearance, another reason for me to be single as good looking people are normally unfaithful.

I look like an easy person as glance but the more time people will spend on me, the more they shall realise that they should no longer end up with a hard to please person like me. Eventually, all my best friends grew up with me are my social friends, my staffs, my business partners, my personal assistants, my maids, my accountants and my business consultants. The older I am, the more unbelievable I become. I am so sad but I can’t change.

My hobby is going to schools anywhere everywhere to learn new things.

As a person who possesses great mind but poor communication due to high standards of expectation, I often stay away of people regardless to who they are and what they will be in my life.

I hope somehow I could find something for me to realise that life could bring endless surprises to this mortal life by creating fate and belief in miracles.

Thank you for reading

Thi Bao Chau Tran

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